Hot Wheel Flip Out Robot Attack Review

Hot Wheel Flip Out Robot Attack
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The premise is simple: the robot advances slowly down the road as you furiously propel your car at it in an attempt to stop the attack. As it turns out, the robot doesn't move smoothly and runs out of energy quickly, even after being wound tightly. He stops and you have to make sure he's on the track right.. kind of "high-maintenance." Another problem is the car-launching mechanism: sometimes you press it hard and the car barely moves. One thing I really liked, though, was that the robot not only has a wind-up thing but also an on/off lever so that it doesn't run out of gas while the kid tries to slide it onto the track. During a speech therapy session, a six-year-old client played with this for about 15 minutes and hasn't asked for it again, although he enjoys playing with Hot Wheels cars and LOVES the four-lane raceway track. That set sees a lot of action with both boys and girls, preschoolers and school-aged. In summary:
-Easy to set up and put away.
-On/off lever on the robot.
-Relatively sturdy construction.
-Simple concept: put the car on the bottom of the track, wind the robot and put it at the top, then push the lever to launch the car at the robot.
-The robot doesn't work as well as it ought.
-The car launcher is unreliable (equal force does not produce equal propulsion).
-Didn't hold a Hot Wheels fan's attention very long.
This set is great in theory but the actual play leaves something to be desired.

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The new Flip 'N Go Robot Attack playset is ready for action, with no assembly required. Just flip out and you're ready to race. Playset includes an exclusively decorated Hot Wheels vehicle, mini-figure and motorized robot figure. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles. Includes one Hot Wheels car. Measures 36"L x 6"H.

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